Original Art from the Wall of Birds

These one-of-a-kind graphite studies are the images upon which the final birds on the mural are based. Below are the birds as they appear on the mural itself; roll over or click each image to purchase the original drawing. This is the only way to bring home an original piece of the Wall of Birds!

AnchiornisAnchiornis Sketch
Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron Sketch
Black Necked StiltBlack Necked Stilt Sketch
CaudipteryxCaudipteryx On Sketch
Yellow Throated ScrubwrenYellow Throated Scrubwren Sketch
Bohemian WaxwingBohemian Waxwing Sketch
Dartford WarblerDartford Warbler Sketch
Brown CreeperBrown Creeper Sketch
African Paradise FycatcherAfrican Paradise Flycatcher Sketch
Cuban TodyCuban Tody Sketch

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