National Aquarium

Ink Dwell created three murals for the National Aquarium’s permanent exhibit, The Living Seashore. The murals depict both a progression through the Atlantic coastal ecosystems, from sand dunes to the offshore food chain, and a progression of artistic styles.

Diversity Wall

The 36′ x 9′ Diversity Wall was created using a technique called paper mosaic, a pain-staking process requiring hundreds and hundreds of hand cut strips to produce each anima

Upper Beach And Lower Beach

The Upper Beach mural was created in a classic diorama style with a modern graphic interpretation. The Lower Beach mural depicts human behavior at the shoreline. The painted silhouetted forms allows for people to place themselves in the scene, encouraging viewers to recall their own memories at the beach.

“These artworks help showcase parts of the ocean that are not normally visible to human eyes, helping people understand the sometimes invisible impact of human activity.”
– Smithsonian

Beach Wrack

A suite of digital images of beach plants and animals was created for a touch screen interactive.